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Reflector Enhancer Designer Flooring

EliteCrete Reflector Enhancer is an additive that is applied to Elite Crete 100% solids epoxy. The main Benefits of this product are that the final result can be manipulated by the applicator, to create literally millions of different results, but can also be controlled enough to give the client what they want.

From Mild to Wild anything can be achieved.

Other benefits are:
  • over 30 different Reflector colours available, combined with hundreds of different coloured base coats the colours are limitless.
  • No VOC's during application, and no outgassing.
  • Can be as reflective as you dare.
  • Tough enough to be used in harsh commercial environments

Staining and Colouring

Concrete need no longer be Plain and Dull, talk to us about different colouring and staining effects for your concrete.

Coloured Epoxy

Using 100% solids epoxy tinted to your choice of colours, we can coat your concrete for that industrial finish you are trying to achieve. Hard wearing Resilient Industrial strength coatings.

Grinding and Sealing

If you would like to celebrate the earthy natural feel of concrete, we can coat your surface with a Non yellowing UV resistant Polyurethane - be aware that cheaper coatings can yellow when exposed to the sunlight, our Polyurethane will not. Hard wearing Resilient Industrial strength coatings.

Epoxy Flake Flooring

Flake Floors are becoming very popular now for their strength and beauty, You select the Flakes or quartz, from hundreds of different blends available, And we will apply it to your floor. Flake floors are great for wet areas, garages due to their hard wearing and slip resistance. Be cautious of some flake floors that recommend you to keep your tyres off them. Ours are designed to be driven on for many years to come.